Since 30.09.2013 introduced Bonus program for passangers of 1st class wagons trains «INTERCITY+»
In AR Crimea ticket offices purchased on the website travel documents can not be printed
Payment for the bed linen for the trains of the AR Crimea 040/039 Simferopol - Moskva, 018/017 Sevastopol - Moskva, 068/67 Kerch - Moskva is made only in the trains. Ordering the ticket on the website, untick the option «Bed linen»
The departure time specified in the travel documents from the stations of AR Crimea is indicated according to the Kyiv time
Train number From / To Date
Duration Seats available
To select the place you need to:
  1. Choose a coach from the list of coaches.
  2. Choose a place on a map of places in the coach.
  3. Specify options for each purchase of the chosen place.
  4. Add to cart selected places by clicking the "Add to Cart".
Conventional signs:
  • 14 — top place.
  • 19 — lower place.
  • 5 — occupied place.
  • 9, 9* — coach with different types of seats.

To purchase a ticket:

General information:

Service is provided only after the payment. Cost of service backup is 17 UAH for each ticket. The site shows only available to purchase tickets.